When the full moon rises, your soul will become complete…

Those are the words ominously whispered to Jeremiah Singleton his first day aboard the Pride of the Caribbean—an enchanted cruise ship where paranormals hide in plain sight.

Jeremiah leads a quiet life running an aquarium store. Stepping out of his shell to attend his sister’s wedding aboard the Pride, Jeremiah is delightfully surprised to find himself in a whirlwind romance with a handsome blue-eyed school teacher.

Skip Weaver has always been lucky, so it was no shock when he won a cruise. The one thing Skip hasn't had any luck with though is love. But his streak of bad luck with love could finally be over when he meets Jeremiah.

However, nothing aboard the Pride is ever that simple.

Ancient legends, untapped magic, secrets from the past, and dangerous stalkers are on the itinerary for this tropical getaway. Both men are about to get the surprise of their lives, and all of it might be too much for their shipboard romance to survive.


I was enjoying Vacation Tails, for the most part, until Skip found out Jeremiah was a merman. At that point Skip went all kinds of stupid, as if he couldn't understand what was being told to him a million times and it kinda ruined the story for me. His reactions were over the top and unnessasssry. I powered though and Skip sorted himself out enough for me to finish the story. It was a struggle though.

Over all, the story was just okay. It's not something I'll read again but not something I'm upset I read either.

Other than the hiccup with Skip, the world building was wonderful. I even enjoy the fresh perspective on the supernatural community. I, however, didn't really like any of the characters in the end. They came off as to immature in some parts and just . . . flat in others. The dialogue was repetitive or ever the top and felt forced. The sex was hot though so there is that. If you wanna see some merman×human action there is a little of that in Vacation Tails so venture forth those who seek that kink.

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