The Faker Rulebook: A perfect guide to a successful fake relationship with your straight best friend.

Noah—Rook Oliveira stumbled into my life when I was eleven years old.

Being the scrawny new kid at school with a mouth full of braces, I never expected to become unlikely best friends with the most popular boy in seventh grade.

At eighteen, I gathered the courage to tell him I was gay and admitted I'd never kissed a guy. He offered to be my first. Straight or not, that kiss had burned with nearly tangible fire and tattooed the moment on my heart.

I've spent the last four years trying to forget it.

Now we're seniors in college, and I've learned why secret relationships are a bad idea.

My brother is getting married, and my cheating ex is the best man. Honestly, Rook is more upset about it than I am. He comes up with this crazy plan to be my fake boyfriend for the week of the wedding.

If we're doing this, then we need to set some rules. Between fake kisses and sharing a bed, things could get messy. Because I'm in love with my best friend—and he has no idea.

The rules are simple. I never expected Rook to be the one that started breaking them.


Things never seem to go to plan when best friends plan to fake their way through a relationship in the middle of a wedding. They might have this time if Rook hadn't been hell bent on breaking every rule in the book.

Rook and Noah were adorable together. They became best friends at eleven by accident and kissed on purpose at eighteen but agreed to act like it never happened. And it worked in part. Except its never that simple. Not when together they have enough chemistry to burn a house down.

I loved how Noah was honestly a good person, trying to be a good friend despite his feeling for his best friend. Rook wasn't much different in that regard. He was a good guy and solid friend who didn't care that his best friend was gay but blind as hell to his own feeling despite some of his private bedroom behavior. —get a clue, dude!—

There were mild bumps along the way as Noah struggled to accept the truth once Rook realized he wasn't as straight as he believed himself to be but those bumps were worth it when these two finally got their happily ever after.

The Faker Rulebook was an excellent read with well rounded hilarious characters and solid plot that is prefect if you enjoy the best friends to lovers / fake relationship troupe.



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