I’ve never felt like I fit in. Why would that change now that I’m in college?

Two years ago my best friend broke my heart and left me to pick up the pieces of my self-esteem. I swore I’d never let another person hurt me and shifted my focus to school and getting to where I want to be in the future. I have a job I enjoy, friends who understand me, and a family that loves me. Everything was going according to my plan, until I started to spend time with my housemate Drew.

Drew is everything I’ve always wanted but told myself I couldn’t have. He’s popular, a jock, and most importantly, straight. But the more time I spend with him, the more I realize that what he shows the world is just scratching the surface of who he really is. He’s so much more than I ever thought, and for reasons I can’t explain, he seems bound and determined to be my friend.

Friends. I can do that. Until Drew kisses me and my entire world is flipped upside down. I don’t want to lose the friendship we’ve forged, but I’ve been down this road before. Can we figure out a way to keep things platonic between us? Or am I going to lose another friend when whatever is between us eventually fades away?


Are you a fan of the follow:

• roommates with chemistry to spare

• hot curious jocks

• big brain nerds

• tons of naked time

Do you also want to feel all the feels? Tame Me is perfect for you than! It's a delightful read that is sure to entertain, just like an amusement park ride. There were highs and lows where my heart hurt for Lux. The poor guy had such horrible self esteem because of a pervious bad relationship. Thankfully, Drew who was kind and understanding was there to help him heal.

Another plus is, they were hot as hell in bed. I really liked that they didn't just jump right into sex. Instead they spent some time getting to know one another while making out like horny teenagers. The wait made it all the better when they finally got around to exploring one another . . . fully.

I have zero complaints. Nothing bad to say.

Also, the side characters were amazing. I really need a story for literally everyone.

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