"So will you stay? Just for the summer?"

Robin is Tanner's professor--or he was, until summer hit. Now, they're stuck sharing a cabin by the lake for the whole season, and resisting the tension burning between them is becoming a little too impossible.

Maybe they can enjoy each other's company just this once--no strings attached. But when a sizzling affair becomes a liability, can love possibly last beyond the summer heat?

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Something about Summer Boyfriend stayed with me long after I had finished the last page.

I have yet to define what. But, I know without a doubt, I will re-read this book again before the year is out.

Normally, teacher x student isn't something I enjoy but this could hardly be classified as that.

Robin isn't Tanner's professor anymore. No one is more aware of that then Tanner who on the last day of school approaches Robin to say goodbye. It seems innocent enough in the prologue. Later, we see that Robin isn't the only one harboring an inappropriate crush.

Robin and Tanner come together fast—sexually, at least. And, to be fair they do like each other a good bit on an emotional level after spending a few days together but . . . it's complicated to say the least.

Robin is looking to advance his career. Tanner could make that impossible.

The pair decide because they are in a remote cabin so far removed from the rest of the world, what would it hurt to have just one summer?

The answer: themselves.

They spend time making love and falling in love but . . . things are quickly made a mess of when people and life intrude. My heart ached as their carefully built illusion fell apart around them. It quickly goes from bad to worse.

Suddenly, it's been a year since Robin and Tanner where together.

Both are a mess.

Both are back at the lake where so much happened.

I devoured the last couple chapters in a bid for some resolution.

Thankfully, Summer Boyfriend has a HEA that wrapped the story up nicely.

If you're looking for an excellent read to pull on your heart strings that you won't be able to put down I highly recommend Summer Boyfriend by Riley Knight. Personally, I stayed up late into the night to finish the novel.


START: JULY 24, 2019 @ 4:40 PM

END: JULY 25, 2019 @ 2:20 AM

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