His brother’s two best friends, and an HEA worth fighting for…

I’ve had a crush on Blake and Casey since I first started getting crushes.

My older brother’s best friends, they practically lived at our house growing up.

And when I was an awkward tween, I truly believed they were the coolest people on this unworthy planet.

So it’s surprising and sweet when they offer to let me stay with them in Pittsburgh.

After moving to a new city, I suddenly lose my apartment, and Blake and Casey are my unexpected salvation.

Which is great, except that I have a cardboard box full of makeup and lingerie hidden beneath my bed, and a promise I’ve made to myself.

Now that I’m on my own, I’m going to live the way I want to live, and dress how I want to dress.

I just can’t imagine wearing lipstick in front of my brother’s intimidating, older friends.

I can’t imagine having the courage to share my secret with them, until I learn that Casey and Blake have some secrets of their own…


Two best friends who have secretly been hooking up, and the little brother of their other best friend sounds like a mess waiting to happen. But there was nothing messy about Shared Secrets. It was a sexy, fun well written story with a smooth plot full of emotions and well developed characters.

Blake and Casey weren't in a relationship. They were just two guys who occasionally have no strings attached sex. If they were both secretly harboring unrealized feelings, no one needed to know that. Then Russle needs a place to stay after being kicked out of his apartment. The chemistry between the three of them is off the charts and things heat up quickly. But nothing is ever that simple.

Blake might have been halfway in love with Casey but how can he admit his feelings when Casey is sure he wasn't built for relationships? Casey might be half in love with Blake but how can he build a healthy, lasting relationship when he's never had one or seen one? And Russle might be half in love with both of them but the pair seem content with casual.

I really enjoyed how these three came together. Their communication helped avoid a lot of rough patches which was a nice change of space compared to a lot of stories who rely on their characters not acting or thinking like adults at critical moments. Fear and uncertainty did get in the way a time or two but that only added depth to the plot.

I'll be checking out more from this author!


R. Cayden writes sweet and steamy M/M romance. He's usually busy reading and writing, but when he's got some free time, he enjoys catching a game of pool and relaxing at the lake with his husband. If you want to be notified of new releases, sign up for the newsletter!


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