Updated: Nov 13, 2020

"Like a Gay Guy Consultant, if you will...?"


He wants to explore my feminine side, and I’m going to guide his hands.

I need a man’s man in my life, and not just because they’re hot. I run a soap business, but my line of men’s products is a flop. Now I need an official Straight Guy Consultant to teach me what men want to buy.

Enter the hot foreman from across the street. When Austin walks in with a dirty problem only I can solve, I want to scrub every inch of him clean. He’s over six feet of muscle and Southern charm. He’s also as straight as can be—or so I think.

When we end up getting dirty in the soap shop, I discover Austin isn’t the kind of guy who scoffs at the finer things. And for a straight guy, he doesn’t have any trouble staying on top of me.

He’s as masc as I am fem, and we’re getting as dirty as we are clean.


He’s all pink, and I’m turning all red.

When Jesse brings me on as his consultant, I don’t know what I’m getting myself into. He’s a firecracker that just won’t burn out, and I’ve got to admit, he’s charming. I’ve been straight all my life, but what Jesse’s offering is too good to pass up.

Soon I’m looking at him in a not-so-straight way, and no cold shower will keep us from lathering ourselves up and rubbing each other down. Jesse loves himself and knows what he wants—my hands all over him.

I don’t care if my coworkers turn their noses up at all the frilly self-care products he likes. They should take a few lessons from him, but only after he’s given me a private session.

Jesse’s cleaning me up, and he’s not afraid to get dirty doing it.

Near the end PINK by Jason Collins dragged for me but overall it was a sweet, sexy read that kept me up late and had me up early to finish.

Jesse was a gem from the beginning. I loved the fact he was a hot pink, out and proud gay man who had a head for business and a soul for fun. He knew what he wanted, who he was and he wasn't ashamed to go after what he desired or be exactly who he was born as.

As for Austin, he was nothing like what you would expect of a rough and tough construction worker. Nothing about him was expected from the beginning. I absolutely loved how he went with the flow as he discovered a new and exciting side to himself. He had no shame and honestly it was a fresh take on the "straight boy" in gay fiction.

Jesse and Austin balanced each other out well. One was flamboyant and the other . . . not so much. But it worked for them and worked really well. I enjoyed how their relationship developed kind of fast. Austin accepted his feelings without much fuss and that paved the way for some honest fun.

Over all, PINK was a wonderful read with fresh characters who were fun to read about.


F: facebook.com/jasoncollinswriter

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