Austin never realized he was painting his life with shades of gray, until Keaton came along and injected a rainbow of color.

Keaton is a tornado of chaos and paint, which turns out to be more exciting than I ever would’ve imagined. I love my organized, predictable life...or at least I thought I did. But what started as a casual hookup is slowly becoming so much more, and I find myself loving the beautiful mess more than I expected.

Can two people so different really make it work once feelings get involved?

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Painted Lace was nothing short of beautiful choas.

Austin was an uptight slightly neurotic mess who was still hung up on his best friend / ex boyfriend from three years ago who was getting married in a few short weeks. In a moment of insanity he joined M4M and messaged Keaton.

Oh Keaton—wild and unpredictable with his lace panties and belly button ring but warm and loving and exactly what Austin needed, even if Austin didn't realize it. The talented artist pulls Austin further and further out of his comfort zone as they slowly navigate going from a casual hook up to boyfriends after a second unplanned meeting.

The sex between them is white hot and the love is no different. These men had very little in common but it was the fact that they were so different that made them so perfect for one another.

They got their happy ever after. Life settled around them well.


K.M.Neuhold has long since been a romance junkie. When she’s not writing she’s reading or spending time snuggling with her husky or her husband. She fell in love with M/M romance last year and hasn’t been able to turn back. There’s nothing she loves more than love in all its forms.

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