My sister’s boyfriend has a twin, and he has me seeing double.

When I show up to dinner with my sister, her boyfriend, and his twin brother Will, I find myself wanting what I can’t have. Will’s just as hot as he was back in high school, but we’re coworkers at a startup now—I have to keep it professional.

The problem? He’s only gotten better with age, and he’s giving me his undivided attention. He says he’s straight, but our straight siblings are playing matchmaker. Now Will and I are sharing a twin bed, and my crush is getting bigger.

My sister and I couldn’t be more different, but our boyfriends are identical.


My brother and I might look alike, but Everett has no trouble telling us apart.

A lot has changed since high school, especially Everett. He’s not the nerdy guy I remember. He’s a skilled engineer I can’t help but admire, and now I’m the one with a crush. Our chemistry isn’t engineered, and when it boils over, it’s going to sizzle.

He’s the first man I’ve ever looked at this way, but that’s not stopping me. He thinks we’re worlds apart, but he forgets how determined a former linebacker can be. I’m taking a chance on Everett—he just needs to meet me halfway.

I guess you could say my twin and I have similar tastes.

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Have you ever read a book that was good, an enjoyable read by all accounts, but not memorable? My Sister's Boyfriend by Jason Collins was like that for me.

I loved the story line, enjoyed the characters and conflicts but . . . something about the story was lacking and I don't know what. I can't put my fingers on it even though I've spent that last day trying to do so before writing this review.

The sex was hot and always came at the right time so that wasn't it.

(Actually, the sex is one of the things that made My Sister's Boyfriend a four star read.)

Everett was just enough insucurre to keep things interesting.

Will was just enough loyal and understanding to make him a hero I adore.

But, something just wasn't there for me.

Whatever was lacking for me might not be the case for everyone though as My Sister's Boyfriend was an entertaining story about an old highschool crush finally noticing the geek who adored him for years. An old bully got what was coming to him. Siblings grow closer.

Overall, it's a heart felt book about family, finding love in the least expected place, and finally growing up enough to be ready for that love.

I do recommend My Sister's Boyfriend if you're looking for a sweet Sunday read.


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