Thane: Letting him go was the biggest mistake of my life. Giving me a second chance might be the biggest mistake of his.

I’d spent a year as Ronan’s friend-with-benefits, convincing myself that he could never feel the way I felt.

I was floored when those three little words flew out of his mouth.

So, I ran. And have regretted that decision every day for the last five years.

Now fate has led him back to me and to the Guardians, the merry band of mercenaries who have become my family.

Our last several missions have gone sideways, and Ronan is convinced that he needs to go back into the field to understand what our team is dealing with.

He’s putting himself in harm's way and we can’t keep our hands off each other.

God help me if anything happens to him.

Ronan: I can't think of anything more dangerous than giving my heart to a man who's already destroyed it.

Then again, I might not have much say in the matter.

My life’s been upended, and the only place that’s safe is with Thane and the Guardians.

It doesn't take us long to figure out that our passion burns just as hot as it always did.

Undeniable. Unstoppable.

I can't keep my hands off him, but I can't go back to being his friend with benefits.

And I have no clue how to trust him.

Thing is...if we could learn to trust each other, I might actually have something to offer this team of morally flexible do-gooders.


Ronan and Thane had a past that could have very well defined their future if Thane didn't pull his head put of his butt. Thankfully, when the chemistry between then explodes and things get dangerous he's forced to confront their shared past and his own fears surrounding family and love.

Ronan was a strong, and patient, well rounded character with plenty of . . . talents in an out of bed. Who knew being flexible could come in handy in a fight and while being fucked?

Spoiler Alert: The man can suck his own cock.

Thane, for his part, was a complex character with a lot of emotional baggage that he had to work though. It involved a lot of tears but by the end of Most Wanted he was a real live boy who grew as a character.

I laughed and cried with Ronan and Thane as they worked together to deal with another asshole who needed to be put down while confronting their shared past and settling into a healthy relationship, which wasn't easy for either of them either way. The happy ever after was satisfying and well deserved.

If you love:

• tiny badasses

• mercenaries with a murder streak

• angst

you'll love Most Wanted by Kelly Fox

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