"I wanna kiss you right now," Gabe said, sounding soberer than he knew he was.

Gabe is a prospect at the Salvation Kings motorcycle club. He’s also the president’s son, which isn’t as fun as it sounds. Especially because he’s in love with Joker; the club’s vice president and his father’s close friend. Joker is good at keeping people at arm’s length and Gabe knows it’ll be close to impossible to tear down all the walls Joker has built over the years. But he’ll do whatever it takes to earn Joker’s trust and, hopefully, his love.

Joker has been the vice president of his club for nearly two years. He loves being a King, and he’s done everything he can to live up to the responsibility he’s been given. He’s always been pulled towards Gabe and when he moved into Joker’s spare bedroom, that pull grew into something much stronger. He’s never wanted anyone as much as he wants Gabe, but he’s been keeping his distance, knowing if he gave in, there would be no turning back.

The Henchmen still pose a big threat to the club and it’s not long before Joker and Gabe find themselves in danger. Forced together, passion soon ignites between them, but is Joker willing to put everything on the line for a chance with Gabe?




JOKER by ANA NIGHT is absolutely a five star read.

The book picks up where SAINT left off. The Henchmen do indeed still pose a threat. Something needs to be done about them but it isn't long until Gabe and Joker are in the midst of something hot and heavy. It's clear just a couple chapters in Gabe is brave and bold and not scared to go after what he wants. He wants Joker.

Joker wants Gabe too. He's loyal to his best friend though and screwing his son would be a huge betrayal. Soon enough, Gabe and Joker are at an impasse. It doesn't last long through because these two men want each other badly.

Throw in a hotel room, a lot of sexual tension and a little danger and suddenly things are happening. But, Joker is reluctant. Gabe has his own issues to work through. It's not all smooth sailing, not when you're in love with your dad's best friend, not when you desire your best friend's son.

They fight. They curse. They come together. The fall apart.

Then, tragedy strikes and Joker realizes he can't lose Gabe. But, if he wants him, things are going to get hard.

In the end though, Gabe and Joker get their HEA. It just takes a little work. I thoroughly enjoyed the book for a number of reasons.

The plot was solid. The romance was spot on.

Over all, I'd read JOKER by ANA NIGHT again to pass a lazy Sunday.


START: JULY 27, 2019 @ 1:00 AM

END: JULY 27, 2019 @ 4:40 AM


Ana Night is a writer of romance, LGBT, fantasy, suspense, and mystery. Yes, it’s a lot, but she loves all of it.

Ana is all for love stories—as long as there’s some sort of action involved, be that sword fights, crime solving or anything in between.

When she’s not writing, you can find her either with her nose buried in a book, singing and dancing like a lunatic, or out in the world, causing trouble.

Ana lives in Denmark, where she spends a lot of time running from her ninja kitty—that thing goes for the ankles—and getting lost in the woods with her horse.

You can find her here: www.ananight.com www.facebook.com/authorananight www.goodreads.com/ananight www.twitter.com/authorananight www.instagram.com/authorananight

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