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"It's just like last time, baby." Max spread his arms. It was clearly an open invitation. "Ask me."

I think I may have lost my mind.

Staying with Maxwell Dynast was meant to be temporary.

Calling him Daddy was a mistake.

The lust in his eyes has me craving more, it’s forbidden.

My bachelor life was all figured out. And then… I met him.

Trevor Douglas is my dad’s best friend and I can’t get enough of him.

He’s twenty years older, sexy as hell and completely off-limits, or so he says.

He should be forbidden to me, but he also got me wrapped around his fingers from the very start. And if there’s anything I know for sure? No force on earth could stop me from making him a Good Boy.

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If you are looking for a short but utterly filthy read, I highly recommend Good Boy by Aubrie Lee. Maybe I am a pervert but I utterly loved everything about Maxwell and Trevor.

Max is a self-made millionaire with a need for control in all aspects of his life.

Trevor is an older man in need of a place to stay after some mysterious trouble in America.

The pair are brought together by Sam—Max's Father and Trevor's Best Friend.

Max and Trevor's relationship was sexy and entertaining from the start. Maxwell was immediately attracted to Trevor despite the fact the man is twenty years older than him and his father's best friend. And Trevor was beyond excited within the first couple of pages after meeting Maxwell despite how young he is, despite the fact he is the son of his best friend.

It doesn't take long before the pair are involved in a seuxal relationship.

Max is the aggressor but Trevor isn't unwilling. In fact, he ask for it.

They tumble head over heels into a daddy / boy relationship.

I really love how Maxwell sought consent throughout the novel. He constantly checked on Trevor in little ways to make sure he was okay with everything that was going on. When needed, he stepped back for a few days to give Trevor time to calm down, and evaluate things before coming back full force. Trevor for his part voiced his concerns and wasn't a pushover unless it was necessary for a scene.

Despite the fact Good Boy is phrased as a steamy short it didn't lack substance. There was a storyline throughout the novel that kept you interested in reading from start to finish.

Why was Trevor in Canada? What happened at the Law Firm he worked for?

Why was Sam such a major dick? Was he going to get hit by a truck?

It was explained why Trevor was in Canada, what happened with the Law Firm he worked for. Of course, more questions and concerns were raised as the truth was revealed. Unfortunately, things ended a little abruptly and without much resolution after that.

We are promised more of Maxwell and Trevor though so maybe there will be answers in a second instalment that I will certainly be reading!


START JUNE 21, 2019 @ 9:00 AM

END: JUNE 21, 2019 @ 10:00 AM


Aubrie Lee is the sexy minded alter ego of a very normal, a tad boring, always smiling mid-twenties woman. At first glance, you would never believe that she is capable of not only fantasizing but writing all the funny, steamy stories that are always lurking inside her mind.

Aubrie is a true believer that Love is love, and her many characters will be showing that with lots of giggles and HEA's, that's guaranteed. 

You can follow her either on 

Facebook, Amazon or just drop her a line via email at, authoraubrielee@gmail.com

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