His broken bones could finally mend their broken bond…

Bull riding was the only thing that calmed the thrill-seeking, self-destructive beast inside of Calvin Craig. It allowed him to escape a small-minded town and the pain of his troubled youth, fleeing to bright lights and big city fame without looking back.

One trip on the horns of the wrong bull changed everything.

Cal is forced to come crawling back home for the first time in ten years, his body broken and riding days behind him. But not everyone is happy for the return of their local celebrity.

Eli Jackson was once the tall, dark, and sinful preacher’s son who had Cal wrapped around his little finger. Now the steely-eyed sheriff of Sweetwater, Eli is hell bent on running him right back out of town. He’s never forgiven Cal for the spectacular implosion of their relationship. Even though the lingering tension soon has them burning up the sheets, he refuses to be tamed.

Cal is surprised to find himself rising to a new challenge: breaking the bull that is Eli Jackson.

He might have run out of luck, but he’s not out of miracles… yet.

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Oh, you want to cry today? Okay. Read Down Low by Parker St. John.

Cal was a stubborn kid raised in a violent home who grew in a stubborn man with a chip as big as the Rocky Mountains on his shoulder. More often than not, rather he was trying for eight seconds on the back of an angry bull or not, he was scared. From the moment he was old enough, he ran away from home and and didn't realize he was racing head long into his future.

Eli, the gay son of a Baptist Pastor, was rock steady but broken hearted for ten years when the boy he loved left after an argument. He was slow to trust with a decade of hurt between him and the wild troublemaker who owned his heart but I guess it's true what they say. You never forget your first love.

This book ripped my heart out time and time again. There was just so much hurt to go around—Cal, Eli, Faith, even Pastor Jackson. The character were complex and well rounded rather you loved or hated them. I laughed and cried and celebrated just as hard as everyone else in Sweetwater when Eli and Cal finally got their happily ever after.



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