Sean is only twenty-seven, but he’s already lost everything that gave him life. On the verge of losing hope for a future, he moves to a town where no one knows about him, the death of his child, or his failed marriage; but when his nightmares and his guilt follow him without the pitying glares, he realizes he can’t move forward on his own.

Jonah has worked tirelessly to keep his father’s memory alive and be a fixture in the small town he grew up in. Now, nearing forty, his dreams have been long forgotten to keep everyone else’s alive, and he doesn’t know how to reclaim his life as his own without losing his last connection to his father.

But when the two men’s lives collide, they’re forced to confront their grief and accept that there can be life and hope after loss—if you’re willing to chase it.


Sometimes life sucks in little ways, big ways and then utterly devastating ways. The worst happens and you're left floundering, not sure how to move forward and you can't go back.

Chasing Hope was a well crafted story of loss and love, learning to let go of the people we love while honoring their memory with characters it was easy to fall in love with—even when they were being stupid.

Sean was one hell of a character suffering after the lose of his daughter who was still born. He was haunted by the memory of days that did not and could not ever happen. His whole life was in shambles with his daughter dead and his wife gone. Jonah was simply drifting through life, doing what was necessary and not much else. In his own way, I suppose he was lost as well.

The pair don't so much collide as slowly drift together in the sweetest way—from friends to lovers, over the course of months. This was definitely a slow burn story without a lot of heat. Usually, I like a little more sexual chemistry but it would have felt out of place considering what Sean was dealing with.

There were a lot of ups and downs as Sean worked through his loss. Eventually, he did deal with his issues but not before a maybe not so surprising climax.

The happy ever after was well deserved. I really enjoyed the Chasing Hope. The next time I feel like a good cry, I'll probably pull this up on my Kindle.

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