Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The scarred boy was off-limits, but billionaires don't play by the rules.

Colby Raines--rich, heartless, cold--has given up on emotions. The last place he wanted to go was the club, surrounded by men who would pretend to worship him. He looks at them and feels nothing.

Enter Finn--sweet but damaged in ways he cannot describe. Disfigured by a scar from a tragic accident, the serving boy should have been invisible to rich and powerful men. But from the second Colby sees Finn, he can't look away.

But Finn is forbidden, controlled by the club's evil and powerful owner. Colby knows he should walk away. He doesn't do emotions, no matter how pretty a package they come in. But he's got a protective streak a mile wide, and when he learns of the danger Finn is in, he'll stop at nothing to keep him safe--and make him his.

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How do a man who feels nothing and a man who feels everything settle together?

The answer: not without some difficulty.

Colby, after being forced to go to a club by his two best friends, spys a boy with a jagged scar from across the room and is suddenly lost. He's not sure what he's feeling but for the first time in maybe ever he feels something.

Finn, tortured by his past, can't seem to catch a break. He just wants to leave the club behind but his bills demand to be paid and the club is a job if nothing else until Colby follows him into a back room where they share a moment—-a moment that after some terminal because no one can just get an easy Happy Ever After that leads to a lifetime of moments.

Colby and Finn came from different worlds, were different people, but sometimes its our difference that make us perfect for one another. These two were a clash in personalities but settled together so sweetly once they were aware that they weren't just strangers passing in the night, but real people capable of trust and love.


Rachel Kane is passionate about books -- not just writing them, but collecting them as well. Most weekends you'll find her going through used bookstores, thrift shops and antique sales, looking for unusual titles she's never come across before, as well as fun copies of old favorites.

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